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Increase the productivity of your HR and employees. All the features you need and easy smart features to help with monitoring and efficiency.

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OneHCM | Digital transformation for your HR today

More than just the features you need

Organization Administration




Workforce Administration

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Time Attendance

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Employee Benefit

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Payroll Administration




Learning & Certification



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System Administration

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Global Setup

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Employee Self Service

Organization Administration

Create an organizational structure within the company as needed to facilitate the reporting process and also the future development process.

  • Organization Setup

  • Job Position

  • Compensation Setup

  • Company Policy


Maintain the Recruitment process, from initial to final request in a clear and easily structured digital way.

  • E-Recruitment

  • Applicant

  • Recruitment Project

  • Application

  • On-Boarding / Off-Boarding

Workforce Administration

Get to know employees more closely, even if it's just a physical distance. Monitor performance and upgrade skills as needed to increase company productivity.

  • Worker Management

  • Personal Profile

  • Employment and Assignment

  • Schedule and Attendance

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Time Management

Monitor attendance in real-time both when Work From Home and Work From Office is integrated with the Attendance Machine or Online Attendance based on location.

  • Multi Calendar

  • Attendance

  • Schedule Management

  • Shift Group

  • Overtime Management

  • Leave Administration

Talent & Performance Management

Employees are valuable assets while maintaining performance in accordance with the KPIs that have been determined by the company.

  • Skill Set & Competency Level

  • Analyze Skill Gap

  • KPI

  • Organize Internal Course

OneHCM-Talent Performance.png
Payroll Administration

Payroll process with tools that have the right calculation formula, salary, compensation, and bank account integration to tax reporting.

  • Payroll Component

  • Payroll Process

  • Payroll Setup

  • Payroll Report

  • Tax & Government Regulation

  • Financial Ledger

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OneHCM | HR Software

Strengthen your company's HR management by minimizing mistakes
All get the features your company needs

We are a proven software solution developer with state-of-the-art technology and over 20 years of implementation experience.

Basic version

Grow faster, more effectively and efficiently.

Business version

Business Increase productivity to be able to lead the business

Customizable, Integration

Enterprise version

All in a large scale that integrates quickly

Customizable, Integration

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