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Simplify the process of attendance, overtime, shifts, claims and more

Monitor work and attendance anywhere with a commitment to always be productive, active and time efficient.

Advanced technology at your employees' fingertips
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360 degrees candidate view

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Monitor performance improvements

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Realtime dan terintegrasi

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OneHCM Basic

HR software that is ready to be integrated with ERP in your company

Listen, understand and respond to employee needs and experience gaps. OneHCM is available for mobile with Android and iOS support.

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Benefits of OneHCM Basic
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Easy online HR application with browser

OneHCM - Manage the employee lifecycle_1.png

Best price for the better

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User Friendly

OneHCM Business

Ready to get started digitizing your HR?
All get the features your company needs

We are a proven software solution developer with state-of-the-art technology and over 20 years of implementation experience.

Basic version

Grow faster, more effectively and efficiently.

Business version

Business Increase productivity to be able to lead the business

Customizable, Integration

Enterprise version

All in a large scale that integrates quickly

Customizable, Integration

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