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Working with OneHCM provides the best experience

OneHCM makes it easy for your HR team and the security of your employee data so that it is not used for other purposes

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OneHCM | Digital transformation for your HR today

Trusted by all OneHCM users
OneHCM empowers employee strengths
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"I am excited about what I can do with OneHCM today and look forward to driving the quality work of employees and the skills development companies need."

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"The OneHCM app allows us to increase efficiency and support our staff to work professionally anywhere"

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"Company really cares about our employees, for us they are the main asset. We are pleased to be able to increase productivity and make it easier for employees to work anywhere."


OneHCM | HR Software

Build and execute your people skills
All get the features your company needs

We are a proven software solution developer with state-of-the-art technology and over 20 years of implementation experience.

Basic version

Grow faster, more effectively and efficiently.

Business version

Business Increase productivity to be able to lead the business

Customizable, Integration

Enterprise version

All in a large scale that integrates quickly

Customizable, Integration

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